“Australia’s Christian heritage has not been forgotten. It has never been known.”

Dr. Stuart Piggin,  Associate Professor & Director, Centre for the History of Christian Thought and Experience. Macquarie University. Australia

Who we are.

The DIDUNO Network is a group of people dedicated to and passionate about educating and informing Australians of our Christian heritage.

These amazing people and events go way back to Captain Cook landing in Australia and before,  to Australia’s “Leonardo”, scientist, inventor and pastor, David Unaipon, whose face appears on the current $50 note.

What we are about.

  1. Researching and producing authentic accounts of people of faith and the positive contribution and impact their lives have had on the wellbeing of Australian society.
  2. Distributing these accounts through educational bodies and faith based organisations to educate and encourage young people to embrace these virtues.
  3. Promoting the name and teachings of Jesus with the express hope that many will come to embrace Him and His teachings.

How we are doing this.

  1. By engaging the services of researches that have researched events and people, who through their faith in God, have made significant contributions to Australian society.
  2. By distributing these stories through  educational, religious and secular groups who are keen to use these stories in conjunction with the school curriculum. Our hope is that these stories will form part of the curriculum of all Australian schools and be a part of every church’s Sunday School and Youth program.
  3. By distributing these stories in the form of printed material and on the Internet. These printed stories are distributed free of charge.

Why we are doing this.

Australia’s history contains many stories about how God’s people embodied and exemplified the meaning of the Gospel in their lives. Many public celebrations have a Christian influence and some have a Christian foundation of which many people are not aware. By producing and distributing these stories we would aim to inspire and challenge our younger generation to choose a life dedicated to the Lord Jesus and his teachings. This in turn will serve both the church and our culture and perpetuate a message of memory and hope.

 Hebrews 10:24 “and let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds.