Suggested dates for using our stories

W.A 2nd March 2020
VIC – Tasmania (8 Hour Day) 9th March 2020
NT (May Day) 4th May 2020
NSW-SA-ACT 7th October 2019
QLD 4th May 2020
ANZAC STORIES Gallipoli 25th April 2019
Montgomery 5th October 2019
War Horses – Battle of Beersheba 31st October 2019
National Commemoration 25th April 2020
MOTHERS DAY National 12th May 2019
International Various Dates in various countries
 QUEEN’S BIRTHDAY  Actual 21st April

10th June 2019

 WA 30th September 2019

QLD 7th October 2019

TWENTY DOLLAR NOTE National – Rev John Flynn’s birth date 25th November 1880
FIFTY DOLLAR NOTE National – David Unaipon’s birth Date 28th September 1872
NAIDOC National 7th to  14th July 2019
FATHERS DAY National 1st September 2019
Over 70 countries internationally June 2019
WORLD TEACHERS DAY National & UNICEF 5th October 2019
NATIONAL CHILDREN’S WEEK National 19-27 October 2019


SAFE WORK AUSTRALIA National October 2019
PEARL HARBOUR National – Armistice Day changed to Remembrance  Day in 1997 11am on the 11th of November