Roy Williams

Award Winning Author of IN GOD THEY TRUST? and POST-GOD Nation?

The DIDUNO website provides an extremely useful resource for Australian schoolchildren and their teachers. In recent years I have written and had published two books, In God They Trust? and Post-God Nation?, in an attempt to explain to my fellow Australians just how fascinating and wide-ranging is our country’s “Christian heritage”. But my books have mostly an adult readership. It is important that the younger generations also understand the underlying religious motivations of so many of our greatest achievers in all fields of endeavour – such as politics, the arts, science, exploration, Indigenous affairs, charity, and the law. The DIDUNO “stories” do this well – in a straightforward, readable style which brings history “to life”. I commend the project wholeheartedly.

Published Works:

  • God, Actually (ABC Books, 2008; Lion Hudson, 2009)
  • In God They Trust? The religious beliefs of Australia’s prime ministers 1901-2013 (Bible Society Australia, 2013)
  • Post-God Nation? (ABC Books, 2015)
  • Mr Eternity: The story of Arthur Stace (Acorn Press, 2017)